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Family-friendly Boutique Hotels 2024 – Handpicked Hotels with Kids

The search for a hotel can be hectic, never knowing if the hotel will be safe for your family. Below are some handpicked family-friendly boutique hotels that will make your stay memorable.

While there are many hotels that are trying to be more family-friendly, these hotels below have been doing it longer than most and know their clients well. All of them offer excellent customer service, safe areas to play, and options for children’s breakfasts, so you will never have to worry about not having something for your kids to do during your visit.

If you ever need any help finding the perfect hotel, just look at

It is worth to know, Hotels for families is a huge business. From designing spaces that allow kids to be kids to providing amenities and child-friendly services, hotels and resorts all over the world offer facilities and services that make travel with little ones easy and fun.

What can we do in order to find the best family-friendly hotels?

We will need to think of what we want or need for our travelling experience:

  • Do we want a big hotel with lots of amenities?
  • We may prefer a smaller boutique hotel where the staff is more involved in our stay?
  • Do we want a hotel close to home or one far away from it?
  • Do we care about pools, kids clubs, proximity to airports or other tourist attractions?

Knowing exactly what you’re looking for, will help you dramatically. Below we list the world’s most family friendly Boutique hotels in Luxury. We always add more and more hotels to this list.

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