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Boutique Hotels for Work and Business

Looking for a perfectly styled accommodation for your business trip? In this list we feature Boutique Hotels catering to the busy business traveler.

As a business traveler your expectations and needs are different. After all, high-speed WiFi and a comfortable working desk is more important than the massage and yoga class.

There is 6 amenities for a business travelers to keep an eye on when choosing a hotel.

1. High-Speed WiFi

It is said you will get to know someone for real when you give him or her slow internet access. That might be certainly true. Yet, let’s say we do not want to find out that mystery.

We are working from around the globe since 2010. And slow internet is a hassle and makes working almost impossible; depending on your daily tasks.

We looked WiFi fast as lightning in all the listed Boutique Hotels for business travelers.

And when the WiFi is fast enough to get your work done quickly, you can even include the Yoga class in the evening.

2. The Tech-Setup

Besides the high-speed WiFi, a good hotel for a business traveler has the technical setup. That can be USB ports as a power socket and certainly enough power sockets around. The creme de la creme would be international power sockets for all kind of chargers.

Furthermore, a hotel knows its business when they can also rent chargers and other technical requirements.

3. Working Space

Working from bed is a no-go. The bed is the comfort zone and is not supposed to be mixed up with work.

Therefore, a proper working space is a requirement.

There should be a working desk inside the room. Some Boutique Hotels even offer their own lounge that are also perfect to sit down with the laptop.
4. Dining anytime
After a long day of work and meetings, the dining time should be flexible at the best hotels for business. Be aware that not all hotels are as flexible, so this is something really to look out for.

At very least get familiar with the local habit and time for dining. In South Europe the dinner starts late, even after 22:00 (10pm). In North Europe you can find dining restaurants at 17:00 (5pm) already.

5. Seamless Service

Another important amenity if you will is the seamless service. This starts with early breakfast, room service, laundry service and ends with the dinner time and cleaning of the room.

A business traveler is more likely to spend the day in meetings, and cannot afford to be late. A great hotel for business travelers takes away all the extra work.

Some hotels even offer an exclusive smartphone app for business travelers. Here you can request wake-up calls, check opening times of restaurants and the gym, and it can even be the key to your room.

6. Gym and Work-Out

Last but not least, the gym and working out is something that many business travelers look out for. Some hotels even offer classes like yoga and a swimming pool to actually swim and work out.

Have a look at all the Boutique Hotels we found for the business casual.

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