Maison Souquet

A whimsical and intimate accommodation in the city

Maison Souquet is set in an exclusive Parisian townhouse, decorated in whimsical Belle Epoque theme. This romantic looking hotel features 19th-century Oriental style furnishings, as well as intricate panelings and scented candles, all of which are designed by Celebrity French designer Jacques Garcia.

The hotel has 20 rooms and suites, all of which are individually and uniquely decorated with rich exotic palettes. They also feature carefully curated selection of art and history books. Rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs, air conditioning units, bedside chocolates, Espresso machine, minibars, and Orange Verte Hermes products. Suites come in with seating areas.

Despite the hotel’s intimate setting, they still have a good selection of facilities, such as their Jardin d’Hiver (winter garden), indoor pool, hammam, and spa. They also have fine art books and antiquarian games and offers a highly personalized service. The hotel serves breakfast in the garden, while they serve craft cocktail and seasonal cocktail menus at the bar.