Hotel Not Hotel

Quirky and Instagrammable Hotel for Young Travelers

Hotel Not Hotel, as the name suggests, is not your typical hotel. Instead of offering traditional spaces, their accommodations are inside a museum-like space, with art-filled communal areas and eccentric rooms. From a room behind a bookshelf to a room inside what used to be a tram, there is a lot of assortments and quirkiness that you can find inside this property.

There are not many available facilities in the hotel, except for their bar — Kevin Bacon, which is open for guests and locals alike. They serve amazing Thai food, which many guests raving about it, as well as the usual cocktails and drinks. The staff is friendly and helpful, and guests speak highly of those who they’ve interacted with inside the hotel.

Hotel Not Hotel is funky and interesting, but its market is leaning towards a younger demographic who are adventurous and Instagram-loving, rather than more mature travelers who would prefer comfort over aesthetics. Their rooms are cute and definitely picturesque, something that influencers may definitely look forward to.